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Counselor's Coffee: Wednesday, Nov. 15 at 8:30AM

Of special interest for parents of high school students: Counselors will be on hand to answer parent questions about the college process on Wednesday, November 15, 8:30 a.m., in the Cafeteria.

All Parent PTA Meeting: Wednesday, Nov. 15 at 7PM

All parents are welcome to the next PTA meeting on Wednesday, November 15. The main topics are adolescent anxiety, ideas about its roots and causes, and suggestions for how to cope. 

6:00 Pre-meetings: If you'd like to learn more or help out with the Annual Fund or Auction, please attend this pre-meeting at 6

7:00 General Meeting: Wednesday's PTA program at  pm will feature info-sharing from HCHS administrators, guests and fellow parents. Come ready to discuss, and consider what anxiety-busting gems you might want to impart to families in the grade your student finished last year. Let's share our wisdom!

(Please see signs for room assignments) 


All Parents Welcome: Hunter Life Committee Meeting - Friday, November 17 (Room 208)

Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the Hunter Life Committee meetings, which take place one Friday per month between 11:18 a.m. and 12:34 p.m. 

The Hunter Life Committee is the only committee at Hunter made up of students, parents, faculty, and administration, and the group is dedicated to improving all aspects of the Hunter community. In the past, the HLC designed a program to help younger students fight feelings of "imposter syndrome," and was also involved in establishing the all-gender bathroom on the ground floor. This year the committee is working on making free pads and tampons more accessible, and on increasing awareness of and respect for all of the staff in the building, especially the security guards, custodial staff, and cafeteria workers. Although the work of the HLC is student directed, the involvement and perspective of parents is vital, and it's a unique window into the Hunter community. 

The next meeting takes place on Friday, November 17 in Room 208.  We'd love to see you there.

Key Info for Start of School

We hope you have had an enjoyable and productive summer break. The new school year is just around the corner, and we look forward to seeing all of you in the next few weeks.  We welcome the Class of 2023 and their families and are delighted that you'll be joining our HCHS community.

As a short note of introduction to our new families, we will be serving as PTA Co-Presidents.  Paul Radvany is the parent of both a rising 11th grader and a recent alum, as well as an HCHS alumnus himself.  He is a professor at Fordham University and serves as a mediator.  He has served as a grade representative, an assistant legal counsel, and -- most recently -- as a PTA Co-President.  Carin Barbanel is the parent of a rising 11th grader.  Carin has served as both a Recording and Corresponding Secrectary.  Carin works in industrial insulation.

Click "read more" for some updates and reminders about important school events and PTA activities, as well as a checklist to help your family get ready for September. 

Annual Fund: Why Your Help Matters


Thank you to those parents who have contributed to the HCHS Annual Fund! (You can check your name on the donor list here.) To those of you who have not yet had a chance to give and would like to donate now online, please do so here. Your contributions are essential to making Hunter the rich experience it is, and they benefit every student. Here are some of the many ways that the Annual Fund helps Hunter College High School and our kids:


Professional development for teachers, 8th grade advisory, 4 theater productions annually, extracurricular music programs, sports athletic director, coaches, and assistant coaches, middle school sports equipment and supplies, varsity buses, Homecoming, senior breakfast, graduation, library subscriptions and library books, textbooks, supplies for science, art, and other departments, smart board technology, Umbrella handbook printing, over 100 clubs, student publications, college fair, mock admissions, substance abuse counseling, Naviance college planning software, TEDx, student fee waivers, departmental allocations for a range of programs and items, and much more!


Thank you so much for your help. Our goal is to reach 100% participation this year. No contribution is too small—donations in the past have ranged from $15 to $15,000. Please give what makes sense for your family. The donation page can be found here

The PTA Needs YOU!

Join the terrific team that oversees communications from the PTA. Help us create emails to the parent body. We have a full-service email system in place, which we'll show you how to use. Just bring a willingness to get involved.

Contact president@hunterpta.org for more information.

Parent Checklist

The Fundraising team of HCHS PTA has provided a handy checklist of things you can do to help financially support our school. Please make sure you have checked off each of these items on your To Do list. Without your help we are not able to fulfill our mission of providing funds to cover essentials such as professional development for teachers, as well as extra curricular activities from sports to clubs to newspapers to contest participation to music and much more.

Pay your PTA Dues (support PTA functions and receive your printed Family Directory) $75 https://www.hunterpta.org/pay/pta-dues-2016

Make your contribution to The Annual Fund (supports all your child’s extracurricular activities, clubs, contests and many essentials)  $1400 suggested donation per student, we strive for 100% participation at the level you can afford.) https://www.hunterpta.org/annual-fund 

Save the date for the Auction (April 21) and begin soliciting items to be auctioned off. https://www.hunterpta.org/auction


Thanks so much!

Update Your Online Contact Information Now!

The Online Parent Directory is a great source of contact information and search tool for parents. By editing your directory listing, you have full control over what information other parents see regarding your family. Read the how-to's below.

HCHS & PTA websites: Information at your fingertips

Our PTA and school websites offer a wealth of information and we would like you to use them as a resource to find out answers to your questions. For example, do you wish you could just click on a link to see the safety patrol schedule?  Or do you want to see the notes from the last counseling coffee that was attended by more than 100 parents?  This and other information is all here.  Here is a sampling of what you can find.  Please remember to log in to see the full list. Click on the links to see more!

Parents: Link School Calendar to Your Devices

Parents of Hunter students can now link the school's calendar to their personal devices like smartphones and tablets. The electronic HCHS Calendar is part of the school's website. You can also always find it here. But now you can have it with you wherever you go. The PTA webmasters suggest that you subscribe to the calendar rather than importing it. (A full pdf version can also be downloaded here.)

Need step-by-step directions? Click to read instructions on how to subscribe from various calendar applications and devices.

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