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Click here here for Full Year Calendar and additional calendar resources.

School Year is Almost Here--Time to Pay Your PTA Dues

As the students get started, so does the PTA! And that means we need your help and support. From your Hunter Calendar, to our online website and searchable parent directory, meetings to share and discuss topics that impact our children's school lives, and events to bring our parent community together, the PTA brings its spirit but also needs funding. We ask for a contribution of $75 to make this all possible.  Your tax-deductible contribution entitles you to one printed copy of the Hunter Family Directory. So please send in your contribution today! PTA Dues for 2015-2016 are payable online here.  Thanks for your support and hope to see you often!

Key Information for Parents of 7th and 8th Graders

Parents of 7th and 8th graders: Now's the time to check the calendar (Click here to download the file) or the 2015-16 Grade Events webpage for grade-specific events. You can find information there about Parent Night/potluck/travel class dinners; the first parent night/potluck is for Grade 7 and will be held on Monday, Sept. 28 in the cafeteria. Also hold the date for Open School Day--your chance to visit your child's classes and browse student clubs--on Oct. 9! Read on for more information on the parent nights/7th-8th grade travel class parties, volunteering as a travel class representative, and signing up for the Neighborhood Safety Patrol, a once-a-year requirement for all 7-8 parents.

Getting Ready for HCHS Sports

It's a new year of Hunter Sports and there are a lot of pre-season meetings and tryouts for HCHS athletes. Tryouts for grades 6-8 take place beginning Sept. 11; tryouts for 13 high school varsity and JV teams begin in the last weeks of August and practices start the first week of school or in some cases earlier. Read on for everything you need to know--and links to the parental consent and medical forms--for the upcoming fall season.

Get Ready for September: Update Your Online Contact Information Now!

Get ready for September by updating your online contact information by Wednesday, Aug. 5! The Online Parent Directory is a great source of contact information and search tool for parents. By editing your directory listing, you have full control over what information other parents see regarding your family. Read the how-to's below.

End-of-Year PTA Announcements, Next-Year Schedule

The PTA has a few introductions and some reminders as we all head into summer. First the introductions: We have two newly elected PTA co-presidents, Paul Radvany, parent of both a rising 9th grader and 11th grader, as well as an HCHS alumnus himself; and Michele Weisman, parent of a rising 8th grader and a daughter who graduated from HCHS in 2012. The full roster of 2015-16 PTA board plus PTA committee chairs and executive grade representatives is located here.  Seventh & 8th grade travel class reps will be confirmed later this summer after travel classes for those grades are formed. If you are a 2020 or 2021 parent and wish to be on tap to serve as a travel class rep, please let Paul and Michele know at president@hunterpta.org.

For more on Paul and Michele, and to see what you should expect from the PTA in August as well as a snapshot of important 2015-2016 school year dates, read on.

Parents: Link School Calendar to Your Devices

Parents of Hunter students can now link the school's calendar to their personal devices like smartphones and tablets. The electronic HCHS Calendar is part of the school's website. You can also always find it here. But now you can have it with you wherever you go. The PTA webmasters suggest that you subscribe to the calendar rather than importing it. (A full pdf version can also be downloaded here.)

Need step-by-step directions? Click to read instructions on how to subscribe from various calendar applications and devices.

Magazine Drive

Hunter College High School is in partnership with an online service called Great American Opportunities.  They offer literally hundreds of magazine subscriptions, and if you subscribe through them, the Hunter PTA receives 40% of the profits!  Got a kid who loves to cook?  A mother-in-law who loves to garden?  A colleague who loves to travel?  A babysitter who’s really into fashion?  There’s a magazine – or two! – out there for each of the people on your list.

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