370 More Auction Items Needed to Have an Auction!

To thank all of our parent donors, we are holding a Thank-You Donation Raffle. Each donation that arrives before midnight on Friday, March 25 will entitle you to one chance to win an 8 GB Ipod Nano! DONATE ASAP!

Click here for donation forms and other Spring Auction details. 

Please think about what you, your friends and business and service-providers that you patronize might contribute. 


  • Canyon Ranch Lenox Day Spa visit (do you have a Berkshire house to go with it?)
  • Tickets to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  • Tiffany Jewelry
  • Chocolate Tasting class
  • Fabulous Weekend in Washington DC
  • Sail the Hudson – plus Barbeque!
  • Private Bonaire Villa
  • Bread-of-the-Month Club
  • Test-prep, tutoring, and college-application sessions 

Here's the kind of excitement our Spring Auction is already generating! The Hunter junior who won the Lady Gaga Concert Tickets through the Pre-Auction Raffle reports: "When I bought the two raffle tickets, I really did not think I would win because a lot of people really wanted those tickets.  I just thought that, well if I do not win, that is fine because at least I did not waste money on some video game and maybe our school can have books that were not used by some of our teachers when they were in our grade.  But I did win!! It was a total win-win situation!! I get to donate to my school and attend this AMAZING concert. The seats were SOOO GOOD.  I watch youtube videos of Lady Gaga all the time but seeing her live is no comparison!

I was literally 15 feet from two celebrities: Paul McCartney and Michelle Pfeiffer. I was so excited, I couldn’t tell whether the beats I was feeling was from my heart or the speakers!!!! I will never forget her unbelievably AMAZING voice, her spark shooting bikini and giant fame monster!!  I cannot believe that I got this extraordinary opportunity from donating to Hunter.  I’ll never forget this day!!