Grade 7 Parents Win Annual Fund Challenge!

Congratulations to the Parents of the Class of 2017! With more than 50% of Grade 7's families participating in the Annual Fund by Dec. 31, the Class of 2017 students have won a Special Movie Screening. More than 490 Hunter families have already contributed to this year’s Annual Fund—and 116 of them are 7th-grade families—but there’s still more to be done if we hope to reach 100% participation by the end of the school year.  If you are one of the more than 700 families that haven’t contributed, PLEASE ACT NOW so the PTA can achieve its goals and fund the activities that are so important to all of our children at Hunter. Over the next few months you’ll be hearing from us about the ongoing progress towards reaching our goals, and we’ll be working with the class reps to try to reach every family and ask them to participate. Every gift matters.  CLICK HERE to donate and to read more. Thank you for your support!