Hear Great Ideas at the Sept. 24 TEDx Event (Get Your Tix Now)

TEDxHunterCCS will be a fast-moving day of dynamic talks and performances by alumni, students, faculty and parents. It is modeled after the world-renowned TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conferences, bringing together great minds to share "Ideas Worth Spreading." 

  • Mihi Cura Futuri: The Care of the Future is Mine
  • Saturday, Sept. 24; 10 am to 5 pm (registration opens at 9:00)
  • HCCS Auditorium at East 94th Street
  • Co-Hosts: Brian Lehrer, alum parent, WNYC host, and Jennifer 8 Lee, ES '88, HS '94, journalist and author
  • Click here for tickets (required; seating is limited; coffee and light lunch included )
  • Click here for a full list of presenters. Presentations will include...

Monica Raymond HS ’65 on her eleven-year experiment in living a carbon neutral life in Cambridge, MA. Dr. Judy Goldsmith HS ’78/’79 on the role of artificial intelligence in our future. David Crenshaw HS ’81 on "Helping Girls Be Strong through Sports (We don’t do no cheerleading!)” Dana Kaplan HS ’97: "A Call to Action for All of Us: Transforming all of our Futures through a Commitment to Criminal Justice Reform." Serina Chang ES ’09, HS ‘15 & Alison Chang HS ’12: "The Gemini Shortcake Duo Presents the Art of Piano Duo." Dr. Tony Fisher, Faculty: "Why Using Mathematics To Predict The Future Is Futile, And Why We Should Do It Anyway." And much more!