AP Sign-Up Process

AP Registration Info was emailed to all students and parents in Grades 10, 11 & 12, and initial registration was due March 1. Assistant Principal Lisa Siegmann notes that that AP tests are primarily for Grades 11 & 12; a few accelerated 10th Graders occasionally take APs, but no one younger. Please read more for details. 

Information about the Advanced Placement Exams can be found at http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/ap/about.html. The Bulletin for AP Students and Parents 2011-12 is available at this website and a limited number of paper copies are available in the high school main office.  This booklet publishes the calendar of exams (on the back of the booklet), the fee schedule, specific information about each test and all rules pertaining to the administration of the AP Exams.  If you intend to take any AP Exams this May, please go to the website or pick up a copy of the Bulletin as soon as possible.
Critical Information about the AP Exam sign-up process in 2012:
Students will sign-up for the exams through a NAVIANCE survey.  Parents and students should make sure that their contact information is accurate in NAVIANCE.   If you need assistance registering for NAVIANCE, please contact Mr. Hector Graciano, our Educational Technology Coordinator (hgracian@hccs.hunter.cuny.edu) or your child’s counselor.  
The cost of each test this year is $87.00.  Payment must be made in a single check or money order for the total amount.  
All checks or money orders must be made out to HUNTER COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL.
No cash will be accepted.  
No online payment options are available.
Any student eligible for AP exam fee reduction should contact Assistant Principal/AP Exam Coordinator, Ms. Siegmann ASAP, but absolutely no later than Thursday, March 1st.
Any student entitled to testing modifications must verify eligibility for modifications with Ms. Siegmann by Thursday, March 1st.
The Calendar for AP sign-up and payment will be as follows:
February 16-March 1: Online registration for exams: students order AP Exams through NAVIANCE survey.  Parents will receive notification, the survey link will be sent directly to students.
Week of March 5: Bill for exam fees generated and distributed to students
(number of exams x $87)
March 8 –March 15 Payment Week:   Collection of fees will take place during Official periods, Activities & 5th period Lunch in the main office (240).  Students must bring a copy of the bill and a check or money order made out to Hunter College High School for the exact amount due.  
March 21 Last opportunity to withdraw from examinations and receive a full refund.