The Auction Needs Your Support!

"Step Right Up" to Support the HCHS 2013 “Greatest Auction on Earth”!!!  Many thanks for your participation in the mini holiday auction. We raised over $800 to support our amazing, high-flying students and the faculty who provide one of the finest free educations in America. But clearly that's not enoughWe need more to build the main spring auction, set for April 27, 2013. Visit the auction website for forms and details. And keep reading to find out other ways you can help. (The short answer: We need Donations NOW!! We need Volunteers NOW!! Read on...)

Carry Donation Forms Wherever You Go!!  (Print them from the donate tab on the auction website.)  Restaurants, retailers, service providers: While you're buying something, ask them to donate to the HCHS auction and have their generous gift seen and sought after by hundreds of appreciative parents. When you're at parties, listen with an auction ear when you meet people who might have access to behind-the-scenes tours or event tickets: Ask them to donate!
Run Off to the Circus with Us!!  We need volunteers now for these positions: Online Auction Coordinator, Donation Solicitors, Advertising Sales Reps. Roustabouts should contact for specifics.