Blood Drive Thank-You from Ariel Fishman

Thank you to all the Hunter parents who participated in last week's blood drive in honor of parent Ariel Fishman. Please read more for a letter from Ariel, who initiated the effort because blood donations saved his own life after the terrible car accident in March near the school.  "The number of lives that will be saved," says Ariel "is overwhelming."

I have to say I am totally thrilled and humbled by all of the efforts that went into last week's blood drive. I'm thrilled at the level of success, and I'm humbled that my own name may have contributed to that success. My entire goal was to enable people who really wanted to do something, to do something, given the difficult circumstances I had been facing. The Hunter blood drive (and other blood drives that have also happened) have enabled people to help far beyond my wildest dreams. We have raised blood that can be measured in gallons, not just pints. The number of lives that will be saved, across all blood drives, is overwhelming. And I'm just one of those lives that has been saved. I am lucky to be alive and I credit blood donations for the help. Thank you for everything you have done, from the bottom of my heart. 
All the best, Ariel