Updated PTA Board Slate: Positions Still Open!

Nominations are open until April 30th for the 2013-2014 PTA Board. There are 17 elected voting positions; board terms are one year, from the end of one school year to the end of the next. Many of our existing Board members have volunteered to stand for re-election (PTA by-laws allow a maximum of three terms in any position), and other parents have stepped up to run for open positions. Read More for the current slate. Please note: Anyone interested in running for ANY position is encouraged to contact our Nominating Committee (Jennifer Freeman and Robin Aronow) at nominations@hunterpta.org for more information. ​You may also suggest another parent for a position. Go to PTA>Positions, Committees above for job descriptions. If you're not interested in joining the Board, don't forget you can get involved through one of our many committees, which are described on the same website page. Elections will take place at the PTA Meeting on Wednesday, May 22, 2013. Please join us in this important work of supporting the school!

Executive Committee  
Co-President Judy Weinstein
Co-President Sanghee Kim
1st VP Communications Jeannie Park
2nd VP Fundraising/Finance Felicia Lipson
3rd VP External Affairs Ruth Firester
Treasurer Gila Selicious
Other Voting Board Positions  
Recording Secretary OPEN
Corresponding Secretary Reva Feinstein
Programming Chair Hayley Gorenberg
Information Technology Manager Yaniv Hakohen
Hunter Life Parent Chair Rachel Christmas Derrick
Exec Rep Grades 7-8 Anna Walters (8)
Exec Rep Grades 9-10 Katie Geissinger (10)
Exec Rep Grades 11-12 Devi Ramchandran (12)
Events Coordinator Ellie Chung Glus
Volunteer Coordinator Nancy Orenstein
Legal Counsel Carol Rosenthal
Non-Voting Board Assistants (appointed by Co-Presidents)  
Asst. Treasurer Nancy Pearson
Asst. Tech Manager for Contact Information Jacob Brickman
Asst. Tech Manager for Website Danny Chen
Asst. Tech Manager for Auction Shahriar Rafimayeri
Asst. Hunter Life Parent Chair Margaret Chin
Asst. Exec Rep 7-8 Paul Radvany (7)
Asst. Exec Rep 9-10 Anju Malhotra (9)
Asst. Exec Rep 11-12 Ann Hohenhaus (11)
Asst. Events Coordinator OPEN
Asst. Volunteer Coordinator OPEN
Asst. Legal Counsel Paul Radvany
Non-Voting Board Positions (ex-officio)  
CAPA President(s) TBD
KAPA Co-President Keum Joo Kim
KAPA Co-President Younghee Jeong
PAAC President(s) TBD
Immediate Past President(s) Julie Golin
HCHS Principal Tony Fisher