Preliminary Board Slate for May 20 Election

Thank you to the parents below who have volunteered to serve on our PTA Board for the 2014-2015 school year. The full slate of announced candidates is below; there are some open positions available. If you are interested in running for any open slot, please contact our Nominating Committee chair Lisa Feller at for more information. ​You may also suggest another parent for a position. Thursday, April 30 is the deadline for final nominations, and elections will take place at the PTA Meeting on Wednesday, May 20, 2015. 

Click here (or go to PTA>Positions, Committees above) for descriptions of all board positions. Even if you're not interested in joining the Board, don't forget you can get involved through one of our many committees, which are described on the same website page. 

PRELIMINARY SLATE (as of April 15, 2015)

Co-President Paul Radvany
Co-President Michele Weisman
1st VP Communications Ellie Chung Glus
2nd VP Fundraising/Finance Nancy Pearson
3rd VP External Affairs Ruth Firester
Executive Treasurer Gila Selicious
Asst. Treasurer* OPEN
Recording Secretary Carin Barbanel
IT Manager-Website Danny Chen
Programming Hayley Gorenberg
Corresponding Secretary Mary Czajkowski
Hunter Life Sam Maser
Executive Grade Rep - (12) Natalya Schinder
Executive Grade Rep - (10) John Lei
Executive Grade Rep - (8) Deepthi Sarva
Executive Grade Rep (11)* Andrea Goodman
Executive Grade Rep (9)* Sam Maser
Executive Grade Rep (7)* OPEN
Events Coordinator DoYoung Kim
Legal Counsel David Goldberg
*=Non Voting Positions  
Other Non-voting positions:  
Immediate Past President (Ex Officio) Judy Weinstein
Asst. Communications Joseph Pang
Asst. Corresponding Secretary Reva Feinstein
Asst. Recording Secretary Kathy Sandler
Asst. Recording Secretary Alice Kenniff
Asst. Events Coordinator Sunkyung Ahn
Asst. Hunter Life Margaret Matthews
Asst. IT -Directory Lewis Liu
Asst. IT -Website Vadim Kagan
Website Editor Julie Triedman
Website Editor Lara Hejtmanek
Asst. IT -Auction Shahriar Rafimayeri
Asst. Legal Counsel OPEN
Asst. Programming OPEN