Bringing the year to a close

Dear All,

As we continue to navigate these challenging and unusual times we are comforted by the strength, creativity, inventiveness and compassion of the HCHS community from all corners.

The school year 2019/2020 is almost over. it’s been an interesting last few months for us all and despite the many hurdles and challenges we have faced,  we remain a vibrant, supportive, diverse, engaged community ready to face the end of school and embrace summer!

As we close out the year, almost, we want to say a huge Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

This has been a strange way to graduate and we appreciate perhaps not the most ideal… but please know that the entire HCHS community is immensely proud of you. Your accomplishments and contributions to your High School are many-fold and you should feel very proud of yourselves. Your commitment to HCHS and your community is exemplified in your choice of Senior Gift; it is a testament to you all that you chose to give back and dedicate your Gift to the wider NYC community in the form of a donation to Fund for Public Schools’ NYC Schools COVID-19 Response Effort.

We wish you all the very best of luck and success in your future endeavors!

A big thank you also to our faculty, administrators, coaches, support and public safety staff who, through their dedication and extraordinary abilities, continue to provide such a rich learning environment for our kids.

A huge Thank You to you all for supporting the school not only via your donations to the Annual Fund and other fundraising efforts, but through your time volunteered in multitude ways.  You have enriched the lives of our students by providing for so many wonderful things, including theater productions, sports teams, student-run clubs and publications, tutoring, professional development, field trips, conferences and competitions

And a very special Thank You to the many talented parent volunteers who contributed to the PTA’s myriad activities, including our Board members, Executive Grade Reps, Travel Class Reps, the Chairs and members of our many active Committees (including CAPA, External Affairs, Grants, Hospitality, Hunter Life, KAPA, Library, Mosaic & Programing) and our Communications, Tech, Treasurers and Fundraising teams. Your countless hours do not go unnoticed and richly endow our school and our students lives.

We’d like to recognize and thank the tremendous efforts of all those parent volunteers moving on or stepping down this year. Your contributions have been outstanding. Our HCHS village is strengthened by everything you have given to Hunter. Our deepest thanks.

Thank you to the many parents who have already volunteered to join the PTA board next year! If you want to get involved in any way, whether you’ve done something like this before or not, you’re completely welcome! Have a look here for a list of PTA positions. Email us at

Before you head off for the summer, two items of note:

1. We plan to meet one more time in June for a Principal’s Beverage and ask you to tentatively hold June 18th at 7:00pm.

2. Wear your HCHS pride during these challenging times!

We are thrilled to bring to you another way to support the incredible school that your child(ren) attend. Designed by a Hunter student, and generously donated by 2 Hunter families, we’d love to see you showing your support for HCHS with this fantastic Hunter face mask it’s 100% cotton; 100% goes to HCHS and 100% supports everything the PTA provides. 

Please go to the PTA website -  here  -- to order masks for your HCHS student, yourself and other proud Hunter family members.  Masks are $10 with all proceeds going directly to the HCHS PTA.  


Many of you have generously and thoughtfully reached out to share your skills and expertise. We continue to add to the list and encourage you to fill your summers with learning something new or fine tuning that dish, your downward dogs or historical knowledge; to getting more knowledgeable  about wine or any of the below offerings!

If YOU have a skill or talent to offer during these strange times, please do let us know! We’d love to share the information and connect you to the HCHS parent community.

* Does your Hunter student love to play music and has been missing out on communal music making?  Do they long to be in the open air on their violin, flute or trumpet? Then contact Martina at who has a violin player who would love to meet up with fellow students and socially distance.

* Tooth-ache? A parent reached out who has launched a teledentistry service…. No insurance? This parent has very generously advised that if people have insurance, they will take that, but if you don’t they will work with you and will “see” you for no charge….(PTA disclaimer - please discuss with the dental service).

Either way, if you have a dental issue and need some professional assistance please contact us at and we will connect you before you need to reach for another cold compress or crushed garlic paste!

* Are you a novice knitter? We have a parent who loves to knit and would happily host a Zoom class or a one-on-one tutorial do let us know. 

Wine!! Of the drinking variety (and not a child complaining). We have a wine connoisseur & store owner who can host a Zoom tasting - either using wines you have at home or will prepare a sampler pack (with a % of proceeds going to the PTA) and will then discuss, explain and dissect the wines with you at a pace suitable to all. Send us an email and we will help you get your oenophilia senses up and running.

* Some guided meditation links shared for now by a parent who is willing to lead some of their own guided meditation sessions with us (do let us know)find them here.  

* If you are having some IT issues - some parents have offered to help trouble shoot - reach out to us at, and we can connect you to one of the volunteers.

* Several parents have offered to host a cooking class/tutorial - please let us know if this is of interest and we can set up a session.

* We have a SUNY Stony Brook historian who would love to host a guest lecture - again please show your interest, and we will facilitate that, too.

Got an actor in your HCHS student?  We are delighted that in our midst we have a Guildhall School of Music/Royal Shakespeare Company/Royal National Theatre trained actor who is offering to run lines/direct scenes, coach monologues etc. If you are interested, get in touch and we will connect you.

Need to ohm? We have a Yoga teacher who can help us de-stress.

* And a Spanish tutor has offered to help students if needed.

We wish everyone a happy, restful, and restorative summer. Congratulations again and best wishes to the Class of 2020 and their families! For everyone else please look for emails from the PTA over the summer. See you on the 18th!


Tanya and Scott
HCHS PTA Co-Presidents