Parent-Teacher Conferences

Conferences are held once in Fall and once in Spring. When you receive the scheduling sheet by email, you will write down the teachers and/or counselor you wish to meet with and the time periods you are available. Your child will take that sheet to school and make appointments for you, usually on sign-up sheets posted by the teacher, and will bring your schedule back to you. Since appointments are on a first-come first-served basis, send the sheet in with your child as soon as possible. Please note: Individual conferences are only five minutes each, and while that is sufficient in most cases, it is not uncommon for teachers' schedules to get off track. Parents who get caught up in scheduling glitches sometimes switch slots with another parent on the spot or arrange for a different time with the teacher; they can also arrange by phone or email for an in-person or phone conference on a separate day. Please note that some teachers will advise your children that conference slots should be given first to students who are facing some type of difficulty in the class.