Safety/Safety Patrol

Police Precinct

The school is in the 19th Precinct; click here for precinct contact information from the NYPD.

Parent Safety Patrol

HCHS relies on parents to help keep our children and our school neighborhood safe. The Parent Safety Patrol, in conjunction with Hunter Public Safety and the 19th Precinct, provides a safety net for our students during after-school hours when they are traveling home. Parents of 7th and 8th grade students are assigned to patrol the school vicinity each day from 2:30-4:00 pm and on half days from 10:30 am–noon. Two to three individuals will be assigned to patrol together. 7th and 8th-grade parents should review the Safety Patrol Instructions and the Safety Patrol Schedule (you must be logged in to view the schedule). Schedules will be given to parents well in advance, and Travel Class Reps will send reminders. Grade 8 parents walk in the fall and early winter; Grade 7 parents begin walking around February. Parents are responsible for switching dates with other parents if they cannot make their date.   

Schools Unite Network (SUN)

The Hunter College Campus Schools are members of SUN, an important Internet-based communications program established by the Police Liaison Group in cooperation with the NYPD  to prevent and address crime involving your children. Parents can increase SUN's effectiveness by reporting incidents and by signing up to receive SUN alerts about incidents occurring in your neighborhood. To participate, log onto and click the appropriate tab: “Receive E-Mail Alerts” or “Report an Incident.” Subscribing to alerts is free. 

  • Reporting an Incident: Please send SUN information about suspicious or criminal activity involving youths. Your report will be transmitted by SUN to appropriate decision-makers in the NYPD by telephone or e-mail for their prompt attention and follow-up. To report anonymously, simply omit your personal information.
  • Receiving SUN Alerts: SUN disseminates information verified by the NYPD and alerts our staff and parents to hotspots on the streets and subways. 
  • At you can download a safety patrol map with the schedules and locations of local schools' parent patrols, crossing guards and police-patrolled safe corridors. You will also find other safety tips and resources.