School Day/Period Schedule

Classes begin at 8:08 am and end at 3:30 pm. Click here for the Daily Class/Period Schedule. Student course schedules vary from day to day. Students who have a "free" period (no scheduled class) may study in the library, eat in the cafeteria, chat in the hallways, socialize outside the building and even leave campus (they must carry their ID card and a copy of their class schedule at all times, in case questions are asked). There is no required study hall. The school opens at 7 am; students may go to the cafeteria then. They may go to their lockers and hallways at 7:45 am. Students must leave the building at 4 pm unless participating in a teacher-supervised event or activity; on half days, students must leave by noon.

The school posts exam schedule and next year school calendar at the end of the current school year on the school website Important Documents section.