Washington Seminar

The Washington Seminar is an opportunity for Hunter students to study first-hand how the United States government works.  Approximately 30 juniors and seniors spend the year teaching each other the ins and outs of major policy issues confronting the federal government. They then spend four days in Washington interviewing figures from the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, as well as journalists, embassy personnel, lobbyists, and academics at think tanks. 

This co-curricular course is a singular experience for student interested in history, government, public policy, politics and the law. In recent years Hunter students have had the opportunity to meet with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Associate Justices Elena Kagan and Antonin Scalia, New York Times reporters Adam Liptak and Sewell Chan, leading figures in the Justice Department's Counter-Terrorism unit, the Syrian ambassador, Representatives Dennis Kucinich, Senator Barney Sanders, the head of the AFL-CIO, and the director of the National Rifle Association. 

Applications are available in September across from the Social Studies office (Room 336).