HCHS & PTA websites: Information at your fingertips

Our PTA and school websites offer a wealth of information and we would like you to use them as a resource to find out answers to your questions. For example, do you wish you could just click on a link to see the safety patrol schedule?  Or do you want to see the notes from the last counseling coffee that was attended by more than 100 parents?  This and other information is all here.  Here is a sampling of what you can find.  Please remember to log in to see the full list. Click on the links to see more!

-pta website page - https://www.hunterpta.org/

-how to log in - http://www.hunterschools.org/howtologin

-how to change address with school and pta - https://www.hunterpta.org/faq/address-change

-PTA contacts page - https://www.hunterpta.org/pta-contacts

-past minutes from PTA general meetings - https://www.hunterpta.org/past-pta-meetings

-past minutes from PTA board meetings - https://www.hunterpta.org/board-meetings

-notes from wellness workshops - https://www.hunterpta.org/wellness-workshops

-job descriptions of PTA positions and comm chairs - https://www.hunterpta.org/positions-committees

-athletic forms and other athletic info - http://www.hunterschools.org/hs/athletics/athleticforms

-sports schedule - http://www.hunterschools.org/hs/athletics/schedule

-link to faculty/staff directory - http://www.hunterschools.org/hs/directory

-past notes from counseling & principal's coffees - https://www.hunterpta.org/hilites/2015/december/counselors

-where to find past issues of Hilites - https://www.hunterpta.org/hilites-archive

-auction info - donation forms etc - https://www.hunterpta.org/welcome-hunter-high-school-auction-page

-grade events - https://www.hunterpta.org/grade-events

-Safety Patrol Schedule - https://www.hunterpta.org/safety-patrol-schedule

-SMS set up instructions - Download - Change Notifications Instructions for text messaging

-community service opportunities - https://www.hunterpta.org/community-servicehttps://www.hunterpta.org/student-opportunities

-clubs - https://hunterschools.myschoolapp.com/hchs-thego/clubs

- FAQs - https://www.hunterpta.org/faq

- If you can't find what you are looking for, click on this to search - https://www.hunterpta.org/search


Lastly, the entire PTA website is maintained by a small group of parent volunteers for the benefit of the entire HCHS parent community.   We always welcome new volunteers; if you would like to help with this or other projects, please email president@hunterpta.org.