PTA Help Wanted!

Even if you aren't interested in a PTA Board position, there are many other ways to get involved. Here's a list of the special skills we especially need right now and next year, as well as a link to descriptions of the myriad committees that support HCHS and all of our families. Please volunteer!

PTA Board Member Assistance:
Communications Team seeks anyone with graphic-design, writing, editing, web-publishing and/or photography skills, to assist with our various communications efforts. Whatever your availability, please let us know.
Information Technology Manager seeks to fill these two assistant posltions:
Assistant Technology Manager for Contact Information maintains the PTA Online Directory content, working with parents to keep their information up to date, and with the school throughout the year to synchronize the PTA's and the school's various repositories of parent, student and faculty information. Works with the Annual Fund and Auction teams to synchronize identity information between the PTA's master lists and  systems used to manage fundraising activities. Works with the PTA's print services provider to manufacture the printed PTA directory. Works with the Corresponding Secretary and the PTA board to manage email addresses and mailboxes. Assists parents with PTA website log-in issues. Skills necessary include a basic ability to work with web-based information systems such as Google Docs, and spreadsheet applications such as Excel or Numbers. The role requires an average of two hours of work per week. 
Assistant Technology Manager for Website​ works to maintain the content management systems for the PTA's websites, including and other specialized sites such as the fundraising tools used by the PTA. Technologies used in PTA sites include Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and the Drupal content management system. A basic working knowledge of the listed technologies, or similar skills from the Java or .Net domains, is sufficient (the role provides an opportunity to learn). Visual design skills are a big plus. 
Committee Work:
Annual Fund team seeks to add these three committee roles: 
Caller Recruitment and Training Coordinator will work with the Annual Fund co-chairs to
  • Recruit volunteers to make fund raising calls for the Annual Fund
  • Prepare training materials and run training sessions for the volunteers
  • Keep callers updated on incoming gifts and generally manage the callers
Communications Coordinator will work with the Annual Fund co-chairs to
  • Develop a strategic communication plan for the Annual Fund
  • Draft the monthly Hilites messages
  • Draft blast email messages directed at the entire HCHS community
  • Develop new promotional materials including videos and new media
Annual Fund Treasurer will work with the Annual Fund co-chairs to
  • Enhance the current database system for tracking and analyzing gifts
  • Record all gifts donated both online and by check
  • Coordinate with the PTA treasurer on verification of gifts received
  • Track corporate matching gifts to make sure all paperwork has been properly submitted
Auction Committee seeks:
Auction Technology Manager to organize technical aspects of Auction. Configure aspects of online system for auction management. Coordinate availability of equipment for day of event from volunteers, the school or rental. Obtain credit card readers from auction software vendors. Install software as needed. Coordinate with Auction Committee dates and timing of transition from online preparations to offline day-of-event efforts, and back online for credit card processing. Obtain and train volunteers (parents, students) to staff check-in/check-out desk. Prepare bidder cards. Run check-in/out desk activities during Auction. Work with auction software provider to troubleshoot issues.

Mosaic Committee needs members, co-chairs and ideas. Anyone interested in supporting and enhancing diversity at HCHS is urged to contribute. Specific skills beyond interest and enthusiasm might be an ability to find good speakers and potentially consultants (on things like negotiating difference, peer mediation, faculty training).

PTA Grants Committee seeks volunteers for the fall who have time, energy and enthusiasm!
Political Action Committee needs volunteers for lobbying public officials for funding. Pertinent experience could be legal, city or state positions, involvement with any institution that has worked with public officials or simply good writing and personal skills.       
All our committees welcome volunteers to join or chair them; click here for the full listIf you'd like to volunteer or find out more, please contact PTA Volunteer Coordinator DeAnnie Reeder at