Nov 19 PTA Meeting Will Discuss "Impostor Syndrome"

At this week's HCHS PTA Meeting, Wednesday, November 19, from 7:00-8:45, a panel of experts and students will discuss Impostor Syndrome: the fact that some high-achieving people believe they don't deserve their own successes, or worry that they are not as competent as they appear to others. In some cases, they oversell their abilities; in others, they undersell.
Read on for a list of panelists and the full schedule of PTA Pre-Meetings -- including an info session on FAFSA Financial Aid forms for parents of junior and senior students:

6:00-6:45 Pre-Meetings

Introduction to the FAFSA:  an overview of college financial aid forms for parents of juniors and seniors (Room 202-224)
Wellness Dialogue:  "Sleeping Well While Doing Well" with Counseling's Alison Ferst and Health Teacher Michelle Gullo -- open to all  (Room 227) 
Sustainability Committee:  discuss what has been done and what people want to do to advance sustainability at Hunter (Room 222)
Auction Committee:  all welcome  (Room 225)
9th Grade Reps meeting  (Room 220
10th Grade Reps meeting (Room 218)
6:30-7:00  Refreshments   
7:00-8:45  Impostor Syndrome: Owning One's Abilities (Or Not)?  (Room 202-224)    
Dr. Elissa Brown, Director of the Hunter College Gifted Center
Dr. Virginia Valian, Hunter College Professor of Biopsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience
Rachel Christmas Derrick & Margaret Chin, HCHS Parents and Co-Chairs, Hunter Life Committee 
HCHS students
Have a question for the panel?   Please send it in advance to Programming Chair Hayley Gorenberg  at so that it can be addressed at the meeting.