Past PTA Meetings

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May 20, 2015: Along with PTA Elections, the Counseling Department reported on the college admission for the class of 2015.  Pre-meeting notes for grades 7-9 with Principal Fisher and Joffe are here and notes from the senior parents panel on the college process is here.

March 11, 2015: Kimberly Chu, a school consultant and psychotherapist, and Principal Tony Fisher discussed “Risks and Rewards: Why Students Should Venture 'Outside the Box.'"

Jan. 14, 2015:  Representatives of the Freedom Institute, a nonprofit with expertise on drug and alchohol abuse prevention, discussed trends in drug and alchohol use by 12-17 year-olds and Dr. Fisher discussed Hunter's most recent survey statistics on the issue. 

Nov. 19, 2014: General meeting on Impostor Syndrome. Sustainability committee pre-meeting's notes on how to make the school "greener" are here.

Sept. 17, 2014: General meeting where department heads each spoke; Additional pre-meeting presentations by the Hunter Life Committee on the committee's work; the Sports Committee and Athletic directors, who discussed athletics; and the Wellness Committee, which focused on the needs of 7th graders, and gave an introduction to its work.


May 21, 2014: Counseling Department Report on College Admissions; PTA Board Elections.

March 26, 2014: Panel - How students cope with pressure in a challenging academic environment.  (Queens)

January 15, 2014: Panel - Psychologist Alison Ferst; Pediatrician Dr. Doris Pastore; and Assistant Principal Lisa Siegmann discuss Adolescent Sexuality.

November 13, 2013: Academic Integrity—A Hunter Priority and Lesson for Life.

September 18, 2013:  Presentations by Hunter department chairs and remarks from principal Dr. Tony Fisher and Director Dean Ketchum.


May 22, 2013:  Annual Meeting/Elections and Report on Senior College Admissions. Plus: 6 pm pre-meeting: Grade 12 parents offer advice to Grade 10 and 11 parents about the college process

March 20, 2013: "Affirmative Action and Asian American Students: Myths and Realities"  (Queens)

January 23, 2013: Grade/Class Reps Annual Meeting with Principal Fisher; "The College Transition for Parents;"  "Building Bridges in the Age of Technology"

November 28, 2012: Social Studies and Art/Music Department Overview; "Perspectives on Cheating" 

September 19, 2012:  Science and English Department Overviews 


May 30, 2012: "College Choices (and More)" with Counseling Chair Colleen Hennessy. Pre-Meeting:  Senior Parent Panel on the College Process

March 21, 2012: "Electronic Media and the 'Always On' Adolescent"   (Queens)

January 25, 2012"Health-Partnering with your Adolescent:  A Field Guide to the Unmet Health Care Needs of Adolescents and How to Support Them" 

November 30, 2011:  "Deep Secrets and Adolescent Relationships." Plus:  "Life After Hunter."

October 26, 2011: "Stress & the Adolescent Brain: A Perfect Storm?" Plus: "Life After Hunter."  Pre-Meeting: "College Funding Strategies"

September 21, 2011: Moderated panel of Academic Chairs. Pre-Meetings: Sports Overview and Grade 12 Parent Meeting.


January 19, 2011: Student Opportunities (from HCHS departments and guest speaker Elizabeth Wissner-Gross)
October 20, 2010: Overview of Academic Departments by the Chairs


April 9, 2008: English, Communications and Theater Department Overview

February 27, 2008: "Teen Stress"