HCHS PTA Board Positions, Assistants, Committees, and Affiliated Groups 2019-2020

All Executive Committee and other Voting Board Members are nominated and elected each spring according to PTA By-Laws. Board Assistants and Committee Chairs are appointed by the President(s); Grade/Class Reps are appointed by the Executive Grade Reps. (Revised April 4, 2014)

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets in person or by phone as needed, as determined by the President(s). 

President / Co-Presidents Coordinate and supervise all the activities of the PTA and its Board members, represent the PTA in external functions and communications with Hunter College, CUNY, various governmental bodies, the HCES PTA and the HCHS Alumna/e Association. Preside at monthly Board and PTA general meetings. Meet weekly with the HCHS principal to address mutual issues of concern. Review and approve official communications and work with the budget committee to create an annual budget and monitor expenditures against that budget. president@hunterpta.org

1st VP Fundraising / Finance Develops strategies and oversees the PTA's overall fundraising efforts to support student and school activities, including, but not limited to, PTA Dues, Annual Fund Campaign, Fall Banquet, and Spring Auction. Assists Events Coordinator and special event chairs in management of fundraising events. Works with Treasurer to monitor and report on PTA cash flow and co-chairs the Budget and Investment Committee with Co-Presidents and Treasurer. Serves as Board liaison to PTA Grants Committee and the Hunter College Foundation. fundraising@hunterpta.org 

2nd VP Communications  Has primary oversight responsibility for PTA communications—electronic and print—including e-mail notifications, website, newsletters, printed and online Calendars, printed and online Directories, the PTA section of the Umbrella, summer mailings and meeting presentation materials. Works closely with Corresponding Secretary to ensure timely and effective communication from the PTA and its representatives to parents. Works with website and Hilites editors to develop content for those vehicles.  communications@hunterpta.org

3rd VP External Affairs Oversees political outreach activities such as lobbying and notices to legislators, works with HCES and Hunter College on legislative activities and approaches. Works with the administration to organize legislators’ visits to school and chairs the Political Action Committee. externalaffairs@hunterpta.org

Treasurer Monitors and reviews all PTA expenditures and works closely with HCHS accounting office in connection with bills paid on the PTA’s behalf by that office. Has primary responsibility for paying and tracking all PTA direct expenses as authorized against approved budget. Prepares monthly financial reports to PTA Board. Maintains PTA checking, bank and investment accounts in accordance with PTA Investment Policy. Discharges all governmental reports including tax returns. Ensures prompt completion of annual audit and reports to Board on same. Maintains Board insurance coverage and works with VP Fundraising/Finance and Annual Fund co-chairs to prepare and distribute tax letters to donors. Co-chairs PTA Budget and Investment Committee with VP Fundraising/Finance. treasurer@hunterpta.org

Board Members (Voting Positions)

Recording Secretary Maintains PTA board meeting minutes. Sends out minutes to Board members prior to monthly meetings. Takes minutes of PTA Board meetings and prepares them for inclusion on the website and in Hilites. Works with Communications and Counseling Chairs to coordinate and assign summary of speaker presentations at PTA meetings, coffees, and other events secretary@hunterpta.org

Corresponding Secretary Works with the VP Communications in developing PTA communications. Maintains up-to-date contact lists of board members, committee chairs and grade/class reps in all formats (website; Directories; printed Calendar). Handles parent queries on a wide variety of school-related subjects, and assists with the editing and proofreading of email communications prepared by the assistant corresponding secretaries. Coordinates with Information Technology Manager to solve issues concerning Online Directory functions and to ensure that PTA committee chairs and reps can communicate effectively with volunteers through the Online Directory. Aids in production of communications materials, including printed Calendar and Directory and summer mailings. info@hunterpta.org

Programming Chair Researches, develops, and presents programming for all PTA meetings. Coordinates with other school and PTA entities including PTA Co-Presidents, school administrators, and as relevant, academic and counseling departments and PTA committees. Prepares PTA meeting announcements, coordinates technical  requirements for meetings, materials/handouts for the hunterpta.org web siteprogramming@hunterpta.org

Information Technology Manager Serves as advisor to the PTA regarding usage of technology; creates and syndicates strategies for PTA information management, including creation, storage maintenance, security, archival, and disposal of documents and various types of data, such as identity information and financial records. Working hand-in-hand with Co-Presidents and VP Communication, coordinates website efforts, email usage, and relationships with outside IT vendors and with the school. infotech@hunterpta.org

Hunter Life Parent Chair Serves as Parent Chair of the Hunter Life Committee comprised of faculty, students and parents and meets monthly to discuss issues affecting life at Hunter, gathering comments from all three of Hunter’s constituencies to develop proposals for change with the goal of improving the HCHS experience for the community as a whole. In past years, issues such as student stress, homework scheduling, and student requests for a gender-neutral bathroom were addressed. In response to repeated requests for updated information, this new project delivers news about the community to the community—students, faculty, and parents. Meetings info is here.  Scheduled monthly on Fridays during Activities/5th Period (11:18am-12:34pm). hunterlife@hunterpta.org

Events Coordinator Has oversight responsibility for all PTA events, including refreshments for Board meetings and PTA meetings, the Fall Banquet, Spring Auction, Faculty Appreciation events, incoming 7 events, and volunteer party. May also be involved in coordination efforts for school events like Fall Orientation, Hunter Day for prospective 7th graders, the College Fair for juniors, Career Day, etc. events@hunterpta.org

Volunteer Coordinator Responsible for monitoring the inventory of all PTA parent volunteers by skill, availability and interest. Works proactively with board members, committee heads, special projects managers, and event organizers to find volunteers from the volunteer inventory or by soliciting new volunteers via email or Hilites. Helps the administration and faculty find parent volunteers to meet their various needs, including speakers or volunteers at school events, publication assistance and special projects. volunteer@hunterpta.org

Legal Counsel Assists Board in understanding legal issues that may arise in the course of PTA activities or in connection with school concerns. As requested, provides advice on PTA responses to issues that may arise. Reviews and may assist in the drafting of external communications, contracts and other legal documents. Advises Board on By-Laws requirements and assists Board in amending By-Laws should that be desired. legal@hunterpta.org

Executive Grade Reps Serve as representatives of their respective grades at Board meetings to voice concerns, questions and opinions with respect to both grade-specific and school-wide issues. Be a personal voice of the PTA: Develop a relationship with grade families and with the Assistant Principal, Counseling Liaison and Term Advisor. Select and oversee the Grade Reps and/or Travel Class Reps and ensure communication and execution of Grade Nights/Potlucks, Grade Rep meetings and Grade News for Hilites. Hilites columns should contain all info pertinent to the grade, including important events and messages from the Assistant Principal, Counselor and Term Advisor. Hilites is distributed on the 1st of the month, the copy deadline is the 15th of the preceding month.

  • Foster communication among families/administration/faculty, including the identification of grade/class concerns and referral of these to appropriate personnel and committees.
  • Prepare notices for Hilites, including info from the Assistant Principal, Counselor and Term Advisor. Hilites is distributed on the 1st of the month, the copy deadline is the preceding 15th of the month.

Coordinate attendance of faculty and administration representation at Grade Night/Potlucks. In addition:  

Grade 7-8 Exec Rep shall assist with welcoming activities for new families, including Hunter Day, incoming grade 7 cocktail party and Fall Orientation, and oversee incoming grade 7 family picnic; work with the Safety Patrol Coordinator to organize parent patrol; and have primary responsibility for organizing fall Travel Class parties.

Grade 9-10 Exec Rep will assist Events Coordinator with Faculty Appreciation events and support Grade 11 Reps with Counseling and graduation events as needed.  Maintain log and timeline of class activities to be shared with succeeding class reps.

Grade 11-12 Exec Rep shall oversee all parent activities related to the college process, graduation and homecoming and coordinate the graduating class gift to the school (ideally, this person should be willing to make a two-year commitment to ensure continuity through the college process and graduation).  Maintain log and timeline of class activities to be shared with succeeding class reps.

Board Members (Non-Voting)

Board Assistants
Assistant positions to support the Board are added by the Co-Presidents in consultation with the Nominations Committee as needed from year to year.

Assistant Treasurer assists Treasurer with bookkeeping (Quickbooks Online), check processing and banking. Reviews monthly reports from the HCHS accounting office in connection with bills and expenses paid on behalf of the PTA and according to our budget. Reviews weekly deposit reports from the PTA's credit card processing company. Participates in communication with HCHS PTA accountant during financial-statement and tax-file preparation. Works with the Annual Fund team and VP Fundraising/Finance. The Assistant Treasurer learns the job with the intent of being elected to the Treasurer position in a subsequent year.

Assistant Corresponding Secretary frames up -- and occasionally drafts -- PTA e-blasts for meetings, special events, and fundraising initiatives using Net Directories platform. Coordinate with key stakeholders who both request and vet e-blasts prior to broadcast, as well as manage overall scheduling of e-blasts.

Assistant Recording Secretary assists the Recording Secretary by taking minutes/notes at PTA Meetings, Pre-Meetings and other events for distribution to parents through Hilites, email broadcasts and the website. 

Assistant Informational Tech Manager works to maintain the content management systems for the PTA's websites, including hunterpta.org and other specialized sites such as the fundraising tools used by the PTA. Technologies used in PTA sites include Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and the Drupal content management system. A basic working knowledge of the listed technologies, or similar skills from the Java or .Net domains, is sufficient (the role provides an opportunity to learn). Visual design skills are a big plus.

Ex-Officio Board Members

President(s) of Affiliated Groups: Chinese American Parents' Association, Korean American Parents' Association and Parents of African-American Children (see below for more about all three). 

Immediate Past PTA President(s)

HCHS Principal

Grade/Class Reps

Grade Reps and Class Reps, while not members of the Board, form a critical part of the PTA structure. Each grade will have one to two Grade Reps; Grades 7 and 8 have Travel Class Reps instead. All reps report to the Exec Rep for that grade. The Exec Reps shall be eligible (but are not required) to hold the position of Grade/Class Rep for their grade. Grade 9-12 Reps shall be selected in the spring; Grades 7-8 Class Reps shall be selected in August/September, after Travel Class assignments are made. Grade/Class Rep responsibilities are as follows:

  • Support the Exec Rep in organizing all grade-specific events and other activities assigned to the grade, including preparation of Hilites Grade News. (See Exec Rep description above.)
  • Develop a relationship with grade/class families. Foster communication among families/administration/faculty, including the identification of grade/class concerns and referral of these to appropriate personnel and committees.
  • Attend Grade/Class Rep meetings (often held prior to PTA meetings).
  • Learn how to use the PTA email system; send pertinent email announcements.
  • Help track down missing or faulty family email addresses. 
  • Generate parent support and recruit volunteers for fundraising and community-building activities, including PTA Dues, Fall Cultural Banquet, Annual Fund and the Spring Auction.

Special grade duties include: 

  • Grade 7-8 Class Reps will confirm Safety Patrol assignments for parent walkers, find hosts for Travel Class Parties and assist with incoming Grade 7 events.
  • Grade 9-10 will assist with Faculty Appreciation events (lunch in December; breakfast in June) and support Grade 11 reps with Counseling and graduation events as needed.  Maintain log and timeline of class activities to be shared with succeeding class reps.
  • Grade 11 will assist with College Kick-Off Night for juniors in February; plan the Graduation Reception—devise the invitations, coordinate RSVPs and ticket money, plan catering and staff the check-in desk (a handbook is passed down from year to year to assist in this process).  Maintain log and timeline of class activities to be shared with succeeding class reps.
  • Grade 12 reps will help select parents, with diversity of representation, for the Senior-Parent College Panel in May (to impart wisdom about the college process to 10th and 11th-grade parents); the Counseling department will assist with parent suggestions. Reps will also oversee the Senior Gift, Senior Breakfast and Homecoming.   Maintain log and timeline of class activities to be shared with succeeding class reps.


Admissions Committees are developed on a project basis by the PTA Admissions Liaison to meet the parent-support needs of the Admissions Office. Organizes volunteers for Hunter High school examinations and Helps plan Hunter Day in March for prospective Grade 7 families. 

Annual Fund Co-chairs work in conjunction with the VP Fundraising/Finance. The centerpiece of the PTAs fundraising efforts, we aim for each HCHS family to contribute each year. The success of this committee depends heavily on parent involvement and there are many ways for parents to contribute their time.  The Annual Fund allows the school to buy supplies, create programs and bridge the gap between what public funding supports and what Hunter's exceptional students need to reach their full potential. PTA funding is used for textbooks, library books, faculty and curriculum development, student clubs and organizations, student publications and activities, academic and athletic teams, music and theater programs, counseling support and workshops, classroom technology, classroom refurbishment, capital improvements and much, much more! annualfund@hunterpta.org

Auction Co-chairs work in conjunction with the VP Fundraising/Finance. Our annual Spring Auction gala is a major fundraising and social event for parents, featuring live and silent auctions, raffle drawings, and more!  The success of this committee depends heavily on parent involvement and there are many ways for parents to contribute their time. We need as many parent volunteers as possible to produce this spectacular event. Parents are needed to solicit donations of merchandise and services to offer in the auction, organize food and entertainment, publicize the event, write and produce the auction catalog, help with the auction’s online web, assist with auction technology management and recordkeeping, and manage student and parent volunteer help for the evening. auction@hunterpta.org

Auditorium Tech Seeking parents with experience in auditorium tech/lighting/AV to offer technical support at PTA meetings and events.

Budget and Investment  Responsible for reviewing revenues and expenditures against the budget, evaluating new requests and/or recommending changes depending on school year developments and providing input for the proposed budget for the new school year. Chaired by the Treasurer and VP-Fundraising/Finance, the Committee is comprised of board and non-board members of the PTA and meets periodically throughout the current budget year.

Communications The VP Communications seeks anyone with graphic design, writing, editing, layout, web-publishing and/or photography skills, to assist with our various communications efforts, including Hilites, the website, emails, calendars and directories. Whatever your availability, please let us know. communications@hunterpta.org

Community Service Works with the school’s Community Service office to help develop a web-based presence for the HCHS Community Service program, accessible to parents as well as students, and to assist in the identification and development of new Community Service opportunities. Encourages families to provide information about community service opportunities for students. communityservice@hunterpta.org

Computer Advisory  Parents are called upon as needed by the school to help advise on major computer projects and systems. Projects have included advice and support on hardware and software, the school website and technology standards and guidelines. 

Counseling Services Responsible for regular communication with the Chair of the Counseling Department to discuss issues related to psychological/behavioral concerns, academic advising, and college counseling.  Provide support to the Counseling Department and act as a liaison between the Department, PTA and families.  Assist with college-related events for students and parents.  Recruit families to speak at the annual 12th Grade Parent Panel on the college application process.  Work with the HCHS psychology consultant to plan and schedule workshops for families on topics relevant to parenting teens.  Interface with the PTA communications team to publicize events and write articles on Counseling-related topics for Hilites.

Events / Hospitality Assists with special events and hospitality events. Coordinates food for our Faculty Appreciation events; orders and sets up refreshments for monthly PTA general meetings and PTA Board meetings and other special events. Members also greet and meet faculty, VIPs, parents, and other guests who attend the events. events@hunterpta.org

Facilities Works with the administration on issues relating to the school’s physical facilities, including space planning and the development and management of facilities improvement projects. Over the past several years, this committee has been a major contributor to the school’s classroom renovation project, the installation of SMART Boards, the 2008 auditorium renovation, the renovation of our hallway bulletin boards, the renovation of the student and faculty lounge, and the renovation of the art rooms. Architects and designers are urged to join this committee.

Fall Cultural Banquet A highlight of the school year, this annual celebration brings together students and their families. With students from many cultural backgrounds, we explore different foods and traditions each year. The event includes astonishing performances and a raffle for fun prizes. Funds raised provide need-based support to students for school activities.

Fundraising / Development  The VP Fundraising encourages parents with fundraising and development expertise to get involved with the PTA’s overall money raising efforts and help develop strategies and organize fundraising drives and events. fundraising@hunterpta.org

Grant Writing / Research Those with experience in grant writing look to pursue outside sources for funding, such as corporations and foundations. grantwriting@hunterpta.org

Healthy Hunter (K-12) In conjunction with Hunter College Elementary School, explore ways to improve student life pertaining to wellness and environmentalism, e.g., cafeteria food, trays, recycling, how to be a "greener" school.

Hilites Publication Those with editorial, graphic or website skills produce our monthly e-newsletter. hilites@hunterpta.org

Hunter Life Comprises faculty, students and parents and meets monthly to discuss issues affecting life at Hunter, gathering comments from all three of Hunter’s constituencies to develop proposals for change with the goal of improving the HCHS experience for the community as a whole. In past years, issues such as student stress, homework scheduling and student leadership were addressed. Hunter Online Weekly (H.O.W.) is a weekly email newsletter developed by members of the Hunter Life Committee, containing the upcoming week's activities, events and other important information. In response to repeated requests for updated information, this new project delivers news about the community to the community—students, faculty, and parents. Meetings info is here.

Informational Tech  The IT team works with the IT Manager to maintain all the PTA's technological systems, including those for data maintenance, communication and fundraising. Directory managers help maintain PTA Online Directory content, working with parents to keep their information up-to-date and with the school to synchronize the various repositories of parent, student and faculty information. Work with the Annual Fund and Auction teams to synchronize identity information between the PTA's master lists and systems used to manage fundraising activities. Work with the PTA's print services provider to manufacture the printed PTA directory. Work with the Corresponding Secretary and the PTA board to manage @hunterpta.org email addresses and mailboxes. Assist parents with PTA website log-in issues. Skills necessary include a basic ability to work with web-based information systems such as Google Docs and spreadsheet applications such as Excel or Numbers. The role requires an average of two hours of work per week.

Library The library committee helps and supports the Hunter High School library and the Librarian. The committee provides advisory assistance and works on special library projects and library-focused events throughout the year, such as the speaker series, poetry events, and classroom speakers.  We assist in the upkeep and modernization of the Library's physical space to maintain a good study environment for its students.  Committee volunteers also help to maintain the library collection through book inventory, digitization of library archives, and disposal of deaccessioned books.

Mosaic (K-12) This K-12 parent diversity committee addresses issues of race, gender, sexuality, religion, and socioeconomic difference. Our goal is to have the difficult conversations surrounding these issues to increase mutual understanding and foster a sense of community within our school and in the greater society. Anyone interested in supporting and enhancing diversity at HCHS is urged to contribute.  Beyond interest and enthusiasm, a useful skill would be the  ability to find good speakers for our monthly meetings as well as our evening events. mosaic@hunterpta.org

PTA Grants Consists of parent representatives plus the Club Manager from the student-run G.O. The committee solicits grant requests from students, faculty and other parents that are reviewed in a process that begins in October of each year. The committee comes to a consensus on the distribution of its budget allocation and presents Fall and Spring Grants requests to the PTA Board for final approval. grants@hunterpta.org

Political Action Works to educate members of the City Council, the Mayor’s office, and other elected and appointed officials about Hunter and its needs, with special efforts aimed at protecting the school’s funding during the budget process. When needed, orchestrates engagement and participation of parents and students from every borough. Pertinent volunteer skills and experience include engagement with city and state elected officials and grant writing.

Queens Bus Coordinator Coordinates bus service between Manhattan and Queens for various PTA meeting events.

Safety Patrol Coordinator Coordinates schedules for Grades 7 and 8 parents that walk the school neighborhood to keep our children safe. safety-patrol@hunterpta.org

Sports The sports committee helps and supports the Hunter Athletic program and its Athletic Director.  Its main goals are to provide parental support to Hunter athletic events and to the extracurricular sports clubs and competitive athletic teams at all levels (varsity, junior varsity, and middle school). Committee members serve as parent representatives to Hunter's sports teams and liaison with the coaches, players, and team parents.  Our aim is to improve the communication and distribution of information for all sports-related events, to increase the sense of community amongst team parents, and to support team players through boosterism and other needs, such as transportation, chaperoning, snacks, etc.  The committee also advises the PTA on needed resources and submits sports articles for submission to the PTA's Hilites.

Sustainability (K-12) This committee meets periodically to discuss "green" efforts, including recycling and other sustainability projects. green@hunterpta.org

Affiliated Groups

The PTA works closely with these three affiliated parent groups, which support their respective communities through meetings, activities, and events that are co-sponsored with the PTA.