OLD Board Slate for May 25 Election

Thank you to the parents below who have volunteered to serve on our PTA Board for the 2016-2017 school year. The full slate of announced candidates is below; there are some open positions available. Elections will take place at the PTA Meeting on Wednesday, May 25, 2016. 

Click here (or go to PTA>Positions, Committees above) for descriptions of all board positions.  If you are interested in running for any open slot, please contact our Nominating Committee chair Corinne Schiff at nominations@hunterpta.org for more information. ​You may also suggest another parent for a position. 

If you're not interested in joining the Board, don't forget you can get involved through one of our many committees, which are described on the same website page. 

NOMINEES FOR 2016-2017 PTA  
Co-President** Paul Radvany
Co-President** Michele Weisman
1st VP Fundraising** Nancy Pearson
2nd VPs Communications** Philip Jung, Joseph Pang
3rd VP of External Affairs** Ruth Firester
Treasurer* Gila Selicious
Asst. Treasurer OPEN
Recording Secretary* Kathy Sandler
Asst. Recording Secretaries OPEN
Corresponding Secretary* Carin Barbanel
Asst. Corresponding Secretary Nancy Dolinsky, Bill Fitzpatrick
Programming Chair* Hayley Gorenberg
Asst. Programming Chair Jennifer Bainbridge
IT Manager-Website* Danny Chen
Asst. IT Manager-Website Marc Zampetti
Hunter Life* Sam Maser
Asst. Hunter Life Margaret Mathews
Events Coordinator* OPEN
AsstEvents Coordinator OPEN
Legal Counsel* David Goldberg
Asst. Legal Counsel Anju Malhotra Gupta
Executive Grade Rep - (12)* Liz Queler
Executive Grade Rep - (11)* John Lei
Executive Grade Rep - (10)* Sam Maser
Executive Grade Rep (9)* Deepthi Sarva
Executive Grade Rep (8)* Anna Lehmann
Executive Grade Rep (7)* OPEN
* Voting Board Member  
** Voting Board Member and Executive Committee Member