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The PTA provides financial support to HCHS through its PTA-funded grant program. There are two grant cycles every year, in the fall and the spring, with deadlines in October and February. The Grants Committee reviews requests from student clubs, teams and publications, as well as from faculty, and proposes award amounts to the PTA Board of Directors for final approval. Each cycle the committee organizes a workshop to help students submit successful grant applications. The GO will be advertising the meetings in September and January, so keep an eye out for the announcements!

Want to join the committee? We are a working committee of about 15 members and accept new members on a first come first served basis as spots become available. 



  2. THE APPLICATION: Download the appropriate club, team or publication application form from the list at the bottom of this page. You must use the most current form to have your grant considered. Student grants must be submitted by their advisors. Faculty grants must be submitted by the department chair. No late grants are accepted.
  3. FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS: Please fill out all the information on the application accurately and neatly. Make sure you read the all the guidelines below. They will help you understand the process and outline what the committee will and will not fund.
  4. NEED HELP WITH YOUR GRANT? Attend a grants workshop or reach out to with questions!



  1. FACULTY ADVISOR: You must secure a committed faculty advisor to start a new club, team or publication.                   
  2. GO APPROVAL: All new clubs, publications and teams must go through the GO approval process before requesting grant money.
  3. ACTIVITIES: All activities must be held on HCHS premises.  



The Grants Committee reviews every application based on the guidelines listed below. These rules are subject to the discretion of the committee and to availability of funds. Please note that guidelines for reimbursement are determined by the City University of New York and must be adhered to.

  1. ACCURACY: Please provide as much detailed information as possible about the purpose, mission and nature of your club, team or publication. Ensure that all contact, revenue, budget and expense information is accurate. 

  2. OUTREACH: The committee looks at participation numbers by grade and highly encourages welcoming younger students in 7th – 9th grades.
  3. FUNDRAISING: The committee looks to see that you are conducting your own fundraising activities in addition to requesting money from the PTA. Please note that grant money cannot be requested for "pass throughs" for fundraising, which means buying something and selling it in an unimproved form (ie: buying chocolate to sell). Funds can be requested for materials to make something to sell (ie: buying ingredients to make cookies to sell).
  4. TREASURER: Every club, team and publication must have a treasurer who is not a senior.
  5. PROPOSED  EXPENSES: Please be as specific and thorough as possible about all proposed expenses. List all supples and materials, and the costs of items you intend to purchase. Make sure to see the school’s Financial Officer, Kamla Narraph, before making any purchases. The school has relationships with many vendors who offer supplies at reduced prices. Make sure to consult the section: What is Funded? below to confirm you are requesting items the PTA will grant money for.
  6. STORAGE: If you are requesting any type of equipment, capital investment or materials that require storage, you must indicate where the items will be kept, including during breaks and holidays. Capital investments are carefully assessed for long term need and utility.  
  7. DEADLINES: Student applications must be completed and sent to the faculty advisor for review and submission by the advisor in time to meet the posted deadlines. Students may not submit applications themselves, and no exceptions can be made for late grants.
  8. EXPIRATION OF PTA GRANT FUNDS: All grant money awarded will expire at the end of the academic year. Unused funds are forfeited. The only possible rollover funds in your application must come from sources other than the PTA and can include donations or fundraising.
  9. QUESTIONS: Please email us at 




1. CLOTHING: Costumes may be funded if deemed essential to an application’s mission. Reuse of costumes from year-to-year is encouraged whenever possible.

2. FACULTY AND CHAPERONE TRAVEL: Lodging and travel is covered for faculty chaperones. Parent chaperones are covered when they are deemed essential (i.e., out of town travel with many students or younger students). 

3. REGISTRATION: The committee looks to fund registration to attend tournaments, competitions, national club dues and the like when detailed precisely. Needs based students are funded whenever possible. 

4. EQUIPMENT: Necessary equipment requests will be considered, if cost estimates and comparisons are provided. As noted above, safe storage of equipment over holidays and summer vacation must be specified.


1. GUEST SPEAKERS: With a few exceptions, honorariums, fees and travel expenses for guest speakers are not funded. Guest speakers and presenters are expected to give their time on a pro bono basis.

2. FOOD: Neither meals nor snacks are funded for meetings, competitions or trips, with the exception of the faculty chaperone's meals. 

3. CLOTHING: Clothing such as t-shirts for clubs or teams is not funded.  

4. STUDENT AND PARENT TRAVEL & LODGING:  In most cases, student and parent travel and lodging cannot be covered. 

However, as of Spring 2020 faculty advisors can request some money in the budget using the line item, "Advisors Discretionary Fund" in order to help offset the costs of participation with the explicit goal of making extra-curricular activities more accessible to students in need. The amount of money and distribution of funds is to be determined and handled by advisors only in order to maintain student privacy

5. ATHLETIC TEAMS: We do not fund official HCHS school athletic teams. Those teams are funded separately. We do fund athletic clubs.  




Treasurers, head officers and faculty advisors should meet with the School Financial Officer, Kamla Narraph, to review plans for use of grants and before making any purchases. She will have the most up to date and accurate information about correctly submitting receipts.  



Please download, save, and fill out digitally. Send completed forms to


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