PTA Meeting November 28, 2012

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Wed., November 28, 2012

6:00-6:45 Pre-Meeting: 
Introduction to the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and advice for juniors and seniors on filling out financial aid forms for college
7:00 Main Meeting:
• Updates from HCCS Director Randy Collins and HCHS Principal Tony Fisher.
• Perspectives on Cheating: When Good Students Make Bad Choices.
In the wake of well-publicized occurrences of academic dishonesty at schools with high performing students, the PTA has invited Hunter College faculty members for a rich discourse on this challenging issue through the lenses of testing/measurement, developmental psychology, public policy and gifted education. 
Dr. Sherryl Graves, Senior Associate Dean of the School of Education 
Dr. Ronald Woo, Director of Alternative Certification Programs at Hunter College 
Dr. Sarah Bonner, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology, School of Education 
Dr. Elissa Brown, Director, Center for Gifted Studies, School of Education 
• Social Studies and Art/ Music Department Chairs
Chairpersons Mr. Irving Kagan and Ms. Julie Reifer will focus on the scope and sequence of learning and opportunities from 7th-12th grades in the Social Studies and Art/Music Departments