Save the Date—May 3—for 'Starry Night' Spring Auction!

A visionary "Starry Night," the PTA auction benefit's theme chosen by unanimous vote, is on the horizon for Saturday, May 3! And you can join the fun now and help make it an even more of a supernova-caliber event.

Mark your calendars now to join us that Saturday, 6:30-10:30 PM, at St. Ignatius Loyola Church on Park Avenue and 84th Street. Expect out-of-this-world auction lots, galactic decor and hopefully not too many wince-making puns about stellar performances.

You can already contribute invaluably to this event, helping launch our high-flying student body.

We need great donations for the auction. It's easy:

  • Ponder donors in your daily rounds (restaurants, caterers, stores, service providers) and your friend circle (artists, moviemakers, intense hobbyists/collectors of various stripes, foodies).
  • Print out and carry a few donation forms with you. Remind potential givers how much good will and free publicity their gift cards and goods will generate while helping our public school, dependent on outside funding for everything from newspaper computers to lab beakers to sports team buses. Gifts related to space are particularly welcome this year: rocket-making lessons, planetarium tours, science fiction memorabilia, or why not, how about diamonds?
  • Consider donating your own creative time--curators, historians, poets, hairstylists, photographers, designers, athletes, contact us to brainstorm!

Go to for more information and all the forms you need to get started.

Ready to give more? Join the fun, energized, informed auction committee! Enthusiasm is the only prerequisite: