Sports Committee Presentation 9-17-2014

Neil Potter, HCHS Athletic Director, npotter@hccs.hunter.cuny.eduasked parents to spread the word that HCHS has an amazing sports program.  Thanks to PTA support, the program has grown from about 25 teams, ten years ago to over 45 teams today.  This year trainers and PT's are working on injury prevention at games and in the school twice a week.  Fusion sports is off to a great start and will be here all three seasons.  PTA funding was used to purchase really nice sideline chairs and championship banners.  Gym floors are being redone the week of 9/22/14.

The athletic e-blast will start on September 22nd.  The sports web page on the school website ( is fairly new and is helping to organize sports and schedules.  It includes a list of available sports by season and tryout schedules listed under “Athletic Team News” or “More News” Middle school is a great chance for kids to figure out what sport they really like, so it’s a good way to approach the program.   They can try out for anything and cuts from the teams are avoided as much as possible. Everyone will get a chance to try out, if the scheduled tryout has passed, please email Neil Potter and he will arrange one.  Kids can look at the team boards around the school for sports opportunities.

 Virginia Chang, HCHS PTA Sports Committee Chair,, described the committee: The Sports Committee builds the parent community to support one another.  Every sports team will have a parent representative to provide information and help coordinate parents to support teams.  More than half the student participates in sports. There is a focus this year on the amount of visible parent support at games and events.  If you are interested in sports, please contact the committee to participate, even if your child is not an athlete. 

The web site has public information available to anyone and additional information is available once you log in. You can log in to the school web site and go to “My Hunter”, “Calendars”, “Athletics Calendar” for game & practice information.  You can also set up automatic notifications about when a practice/game is added/changed by clicking under “your name”, “Settings”, then “Notifications”.  Please email any questions to and general questions will be answered directly and team specific questions will be forwarded to the parent representative.