Student Opportunities Highlighted at Sept. PTA Meeting (note deadlines in handouts!)

At the Sept. 21 PTA Meeting, the first of the school year, Department Chairs discussed their strategies to get students to learn most effectively. They also mentioned special departmental and extra-curricular opportunities, many of which are collected in various documents on the Resources>Useful Handouts page of this website. One unique program is Washington Seminar, in which 30 junior and seniors spend four days in D.C. in the spring learning about major policy issues by interviewing figures from the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, as well as journalists, embassy personnel, lobbyists, and academics at think tanks. Applications are due at 2 pm on Monday, Sept. 26, and are available across from the Social Studies office in room 336. For more about Washington Seminar, go to the Resources>FAQs section of this site.