Subscribing to the HCHS Calendar

The electronic HCHS Calendar is part of the school's website. You will find it at:
On this page you will find a customizable display of calendar events. By default, it will display all general events plus a a number of other calendars that may be of interest to you. Click "Show Filter Options" on the top right to select a different set of calendars you may be interested in. For example, you may wish to add an Athletics category that your child participates in. After selecting the calendars you are interested in, click "Apply Filter," after which you will see the calendar populated with the event types you selected. 
After making your selection, the system provides a mechanism for you to subscribe to (or import) the events in this selection. The green "fan" icon under the black "Find" button pops up a window with a "Feed URL" and a "Webcal URL". You will need the "Feed URL" later on for subscription purposes - so don't close that window. If you already know about calendars and subscribing to them - you're done. The Feed URL is the address of the school's calendar feed ... just paste it in to your device's interface.
Need step-by-step directions? Read on. The remainder of this article contains instructions on how to subscribe from various calendar applications and devices. We welcome contributions of instructions for additional devices and corrections for information given here (please send feedback to We do not describe "importing", and recommend against it. An explanation of "importing" vs. "subscribing" is at the bottom of this article.
Note: Hunter PTA and its webmaster cannot guarantee the accuracy of these instructions or take responsibility for problems, including loss of data, that may arise when you configure your own system to access the calendar (though we have not witnessed such problems and in general subscribing is quite simple). We recommend that you back up your personal calendar data before importing or subscribing to the PTA's calendar.

Mac Calendar (iCal)

  1. Using Safari, go to
  2. After filtering for the calendar content you are interested in, click the green fan and then copy the Feed URL
  3. Open iCal
  4. In iCal, choose File > New Calendar Subscription, OR Calendar > Subscribe, and paste in the Feed URL
  5. Click Subscribe
  6. Type in a Name for the calendar, choose a color for it if you like
  7. Change the auto-refresh from “No" to something more frequent, e.g. "Every hour"
  8. Click “0K”

Google Calendar

  1. Go to
  2. After filtering for the calendar content your are interested in, click the green fan and then copy the desired Feed URL
  3. Go to your Google calendar at and log in to your google/gmail account if you are not logged in already
  4. Click Other calendars > Add by URL
  5. Paste in the Feed URL
  6. Leave "Make the calendar publicly accessible?" unchecked
  7. Click Add Calendar
  8. Type in a calendar name of your choice.


On an iPhone or iPad, copying the Feed URL from the school site is (in the mind of the author of this article) tricky to do. Instead, you can type in these generic Feed URLs created by the PTA: 

  • To subscribe to all general high school events:  
  • To subscribe to all athletic events:

On your device: 

  1. Run Settings
  2. Choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Select Add Account..., Other, Add Subscribed Calendar
  4. When prompted for server, type in and click next
  5. After optionally changing the Description and other options, click Done.
  6. The account now shows up in the list of the accounts, and the calendar items will appear in the calendar app.
  7. Repeat these instructions to add the atheletic calendar too, typing in 

Please send​ your feedback and/or contributions of instructions for additional environments and devices to 

A note on "Import" vs. "Subscription"

  • An "import" is when you copy Calendar events into your calendar. The advantage is that you can then edit these events and delete the ones you may not be interested in. The disadvantage is that if calendar events are modified by the school or the PTA, you will not see those updates in your own calendar.
  • With a "subscription"  the events will be "read-only" in your calendar, without the ability to modify the entries, but with a guarantee that you are looking at the most up-to-date information. 

The PTA recommends that you subscribe to the school calendar rather than import it.