Dec. 3 Wellness Workshop: "Dating Well"

Please join us on Monday, December 3, at 7:30 pm in the Cafeteria Alcove (immediately following Grade 10 Potluck) for a parent workshop focusing on  “Being Well While Doing Well…While Dating Well." Clinical Psychology Consultant and Clinician Alison Ferst, Hunter health teacher Michelle Rushforth and Dr. Mark Edison (Clinical Psychologist, parent, HCHS Wellness Volunteer) will facilitate an open conversation to help parents support teenagers in developing the tools and awareness needed to build healthy relationships with the people in their lives—parents, peers and partners—including how to discuss feelings, attitudes and values pertaining to intimacy and teen sexuality. This discussion follows researchers’ observations that teens seek to know more about relationships and how to negotiate them beyond what generally is taught in school programs relating to the physical side of what goes on in their bodies. Save the date for the next workshop: Wednesday, January 9 "Pandora's Box—Preparing for the Temptations of College" (after Grade 11 Potluck)