First Wellness Workshop: Mon., Sept. 24

Click here for notes from this session (published in the November 2012 issue of Hilites). 

The 2012-2013 Wellness Workshop Series "Being Well While Doing Well" is designed to help parents support their child's well-being as they encourage achievement. Please join us on Monday, September 24, at 7:30 pm in the Cafeteria Alcove (immediately following Grade 7 Potluck) for the year's first Wellness Workshop, focusing on "Transitioning Well While Doing Well." Clinical psychologist Alyson Ferst and HCHS Health Education teacher Michelle Rushforth will facilitate an open dialogue focusing on transitions—a topic that is as relevant for a 7th Grade family as it is for a 12th Grade family and everyone in between. We will discuss how to make successful transitions between home and school, between classes, from one season to the next (back to school), from relationships and stages of relationships, and into new schedules and higher academic expectations. Parents will be encouraged to share concerns, questions, effective and strategies.

  • Michelle will briefly present the basics of good health for adolescents 
  • Alison will share her thoughts on what parents need to know, watch for and do if teens DO NOT eat, sleep, transitio, or act well.

A bit of history for new families: This series began in 2010 in response to a need perceived by students, parents, teachers, counselors and administration alike to learn to support our children's physical, emotional, mental health while encouraging high achievement. It was acknowledged that while some were able to find a balance between “being well” and “doing well,” others needed guidance. Factors such as different learning styles, life stressors, parental illness, divorce and unemployment, as well as the inherent challenges of adolescent development can make striking this balance quite difficult.

The workshops are intended to provide a safe and supportive space for parents to come together and voice concerns, ask questions, and share effective strategies with one another, while continuing to build a strong school community.

Save the Date for the next Workshop in the Series:

  •  Tuesday, October 23 (after Grade 9 potluck)