Wellness Dialogues

Parents from all grades are invited to participate in Wellness Dialogues led by HCHS Clinical Psychology and Substance Abuse Consultant Alison Ferst and the Health Education teachers, Emanuela Calderon and Michelle Gullo. These sessions are designed to help parents support their children's physical, emotional and mental well-being as they encourage high achievement. Ms. Ferst and the faculty will share research and anecdotes regarding adolescent health and social issues and facilitate a discussion among parents.  Parents are encouraged to voice concerns, ask questions and share effective strategies. 

Stay tuned for further 2014-2015 dates; click on links below for details and notes on past events.

2014-15 Wellness Dialogues


2013-14 Wellness Workshops

2012-2013 Wellness Workshops

2011-2012 Wellness Workshops

  • Wednesday, October 19: Sleeping Well While Doing Well
  • Monday, November 14: Eating Well While Doing Well
  • Wednesday, January 18:  Transitioning Well While Doing Well
  • Wednesday, February 29: Social Media and Social Well-being (including Cyberbullying)
  • Wednesday, March 14 (note time: 6-7:30 pm): Being Well, While Doing Well, for 7th Grade Families